Unwind, Unplug and Blackout…

barefoot-dreams-pink-robe-nordstrombiore-facial-black-out-mask biore-black-out-facial-mask biore-night-time-face-mask best-skin-products-2014 biore-charcoal-cleanserCleanser: Bioré | Facial Mask: Bioré | Robe: Barefoot Dreams | Earrings: Nadri | Nails: Pink-ing of You by OPI | Framed Crystal & Trays: Alice Lane

I get a lot of questions asking about my favorite skin care products and today I’m excited to share my newest discovery with you! My grandmother always taught me the importance of good skincare so I’m always on the hunt for new products that will keep my face feeling clean and refreshed. When Bioré invited me to #BlackOutWithBiore and take an evening to unplug, relax and pamper myself (social media free), I was all game! During my black out, I used the Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Facial Cleanser and the One Minute Self Heating Mask on my face for a little DIY facial, paired with my favorite magazines and chocolates. I can’t even tell you how relaxing it was to unplug and how incredible my skin felt afterwards.

Major thanks to Bioré for reminding me to always take time out of my hectic and busy life to pause and pamper (because we all need a little pampering from now and then;). Looking forward to adding these two Bioré products to my daily skincare routine, be sure to let me know how you enjoyed your black out.

xo, Rach

This post was brought to you by Bioré. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. I haven’t tried many Biore products, perhaps I’ll have to give ’em a go (: Is this your bathroom? It looks like a spa (:


  2. I love finding new skin are products. I actually was looking for a new mask. I am going to give it a try!! These pictures were a wonderful way to display the products and showcase your new bathroom!! Love it!

  3. Rachel, I am a long time fan and follower of yours and I while I normally don’t comment, I had to for this post. I also follow you on Instagram, and you’ve been posting pics of your house in progress. You posted a shot of the bathroom a few days ago and said you couldn’t wait to move in. Now today you are suddenly in the bathroom putting on a mask? It is very fake to me. I’m sure your current house is beautiful and you could have used that for the post. I’m not trying to be mean, it’s just that you say you are trying to be real with your readers and this clearly is not. It disappoints me as a fan of yours.

    1. Michela,

      My bathroom where I currently live does not have natural light coming in so it makes it really difficult to shoot photos in that space and get correct lighting. We were supposed to move in a few weeks ago but due to delays on the exterior we had to push the move-in day back. I made the choice to shoot this product in my new bathroom simply because it’s finished, I’m really excited about it and it has the perfect lighting for photos. I don’t see why that’s fake at all. It’s my home that I’ve been waiting almost a year to move into so I’m going to shoot photos in it every chance I get.

      Nothing is relaxing about a photoshoot, it’s actually quite stressful. I tested the product first to make sure I loved it and then shot the photos several days later. I’m sorry but nothing is fake about this. This is my bathroom and there will be many, many photo shoots in this space.

  4. Hi Rachel- I and a newbie to the blog and it’s very interesting-cute- anyways, I just read the blog post sponsored by biore. Sounds like you are a nonstop, busy person. I was wondering what you actually do for a living (besides your blog- as a hobby?).

  5. Biore makes some of my favorite products. I use their daily scrub every evening, their astringent in the summertime and their pore strips once a week. Their make-up removing wipes are fantastic as well. The self-heating mask sounds wonderful.

  6. This. Bathroom. Is. Incredible. Was so excited when I saw you had shot your photos there, hopefully we’ll see more of your amazing new house in the future? ;-)

  7. I love Biore! I’ve been using their products for almost 2 years & haven’t switched! They work so well on my skin!
    Would love if you’d take a look at my blog! roseylittleme.blogspot.com

  8. how could you have tried this product with no running water? I get that it’s just a photo shoot and need the light (and I hope you tested this product where you currently live) but it was just a little odd to me. also, you should indicate that this was a sponsored post… other bloggers doing the same campaign indicated the sponsorship, and since you live in the US you are obligated to follow the FTC’s rules in regards to disclosure. all it would have took was for you to mark the product c/o and a note at the bottom saying this post was sponsored by Biore.