1. What a wonderful skirt! I’d rather call the form Tulip skirt, but well bubble silhouette sounds as gorgeous as tulip ;-)
    I love the skirt, I instantly have to check out asos, and I’m so excited the midseason sale is already beginning now!

    xxx Anita

  2. I love those jewels(I’m a Stella & Dot stylist! I’m wearing the stackable band rings today too!!
    This post is just gorgeous…


  3. what a gorgeous fit! love that gold watch as well.
    super adorable and those heels are seriously wonderful!!!

    Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella recommended your blog to me (i’m kind of a fashion blog fanatic) and you are awesome!

    i’m your newest follower :) Check out my blog sometime!

    happy thursday.

  4. I recently found your blog, don’t have a clue how but I love it! I keep finding myself saying, “who dresses like that!?! because it’s friggin fabulous!!!” I seriously love your style and was immediately sucked in. I can’t wait to see more. love the balloons btw.

  5. I’m so glad I caught up on Google Reader blogs today and saw this post. I’ve been looking for a simple white blouse to wear with skirts and dress pants for a LONG time. I just love the crossed detailing on your Asos blouse. With a 20% off coupon I saw on another blog I ordered that shirt faster than you can say BARGAIN! Love your blog and your fashion sense. Thank you for making my day!