The Everyday Shop: New Arrivals…

^^ Pink Butterfly Top

^^ Stormy Morning Sweater

Happy Friday, everyone!! I have to start this post by saying THANK YOU for your kind words about my new site design and the images I posted yesterday of the place we’ll call home. I love sharing my life journey with you guys and can’t wait to continue to share more in the future!!

A couple days ago we added these two new pieces to the RP Everyday Shop and I’m in love with both! This Pink Butterfly Top is under $60 and the oatmeal color that launched first sold out in a matter of hours, so naturally I had to bring it back in my favorite color! And this  Stormy Morning Sweater is as cozy as it looks! It might sound silly but every time I wear it I want to drink a cup of hot chocolate!

Be sure to check back on Monday morning because we are launching FIVE new pieces to the Rachel Parcell Collection and they are seriously all so gorgeous! I know you guys will love them. So mark your calendar for Monday morning!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


  1. Hi! I am in Love with the Stormy sweater, but it’s sold out in the Small. Will it be available again as I’m six months pregnant and this looks like the perfect bump sweater for Fall. :)

    Thanks so much and great work with this recent collection!

  2. I love the second piece (the turtleneck). You are right. Something about chunky sweaters and coats makes me want to grab a hot drink (coffee for me :) lol). Awesome job with the new blog look. So feminine, charismatic, and cute! Keep the posts coming!!! Also thanks for being a blog inspiration to this new blogger.

  3. These sweaters are SO cute, Rach! I love the colors of both of them (my fave color palette)! I’d drink hot chocolate too if I wore cozy sweaters like that, except it’s hot and humid in Texas, blech! LOL!

    Have a great weekend! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

  4. Wow! what great additions to your CLOTHING line! its starting to finally get cold and that grey sweater would be the perfect addition to my closet. xoxo

  5. LOVE! I wore the cozy cardigan yesterday and everywhere I went i got asked about. great job picking these items. keep it up!

  6. I love the butterfly sweater. It IS so my style. Actually I like a lot of your pieces. But the popup at the bottom of the screen covering up half of your images is doing no one any favors. It actually drives me nuts. One other suggestion I would make that would make viewing your site better is making your photos smaller. YOUR PHOTOS ARE ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL, AND OBVIOUSLY YOU PUT A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT INTO THEM. But I can never see a whole picture all at once because they are so big. I have to scroll. This is on a desktop so maybe it is different on a phone or tablet screen.

  7. I absolutely love the new look of your blog. It is so elegant and feminine! I’m asking for some stuff from the everyday shop for Christmas this year, I love the collection.

  8. Will you be adding jeans to your everyday shop? Ive never invested in a good pair and i think its time! Lol do you have a fav brand that holds their tightness all day?

  9. When will the oat meal re stock in The butterfly sweater! im heading to vermont and napa this month. It would be perfect for my vacays :)!!