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July, 21, 2014

Skin Routine with Perlier…

gold-bar-cart-one-kings-lane pink-peonies white-marble-master-bath skin-care-products-prelier french-free-standing-tub-white-marble-bathroom white-marble-master-bathroom-frenchRobe: Barefoot Dreams | Earrings: Nordstrom | Lips: Turkish Delight by NARS | Bath Cart: One Kings Lane (on sale) | Candle: Voluspa

Happy Monday! We just returned home from a family vacation to Lake Powell and It’s one of my very favorite destinations to spend time with my family! If you’ve never been to Lake Powell or seen a photo, it’s the most beautiful lake that’s completely surrounded by towering red rock cliffs in the heart of the Arizona/Utah deserts. We have so much fun spending a week out on the water playing in the sun, but seriously, my skin gets SO dry (especially my shoulders and legs). Recently, I’ve been using the Perlier products each time after I shower or take a bath and I can’t believe what it’s done for my skin! My skin feels hydrated again and so smooth every time I use it (even Drew noticed, which is a big deal ;).
  • First, I use the Honey Body Tightening Gel after I shave my legs and soap up. I love this stuff because it gets all of my dead skin off, smells amazing and my skin feels brand knew after using it! It’s perfect when I’m peeling from a sunburn too, it gets all the flaky skin right off! (I apply this with a loofah).
  • Once I’m dried off and out of the bath, I apply the Honey Revitalizing Body Butter all over from my body from the neck down. It’s a thicker formula and way more hydrating to my skin than a typical body lotion BUT it’s not oily!
  • Next, I use the Honey After Bath Body Water. I don’t use this everyday but always do if I’m wearing a dress or a skirt because it gives my skin a really pretty sheen to it, that’s super natural looking. (Here I’m wearing both the Body butter and the Body water together, and you can see what I mean by the sheen).
  • I let the body butter and body water soak into my skin while I do my hair and makeup and then I finish off with the Honey and Mint Hand Cream. I love this stuff because my hands tend to get super dry. I’ve had minor eczema on my hands from the time I was little and although it’s gotten better with age, I’ve found I need to use a hand cream daily to keep my hands soft.

If you have any questions about any of these products or my skin routine, you can leave them in the comment box below. Also, recieve 25% off any of the Perlier products by using the code: rachel25.

xo, Rach

Thanks to Perlier for sponsoring this post.

  1. Mira says:

    I have to try the hand cream. My hands are super dry too. Love the cute photos :)

    xx Mira


    I did not know this skin care line Thanks for sharing !
    XX Luba

    Special occasions dress outfit, today on

  3. Miri says:

    I like your routine! The photos are beautiful!!!



  4. Love this post, thanks for sharing! I love your hair in a bun too! So pretty!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  5. Courtney says:

    I’m totally going to have to try these, I have super dry skin and I’m always looking for great skin products. Also I love your bar cart in the bathroom! That’s such a cute idea! :)

  6. Alexa says:

    I’m so confused… is it Biore, or Jergens, or La Mer or this BS that’s your OMGmyskincare routine?!? #allaboutthemoney

    • Rachel Parcell says:


      Thanks for your comment. Because of my blog, I’m lucky enough to be able to test out hundreds of different products. I don’t post anything that I haven’t tried and loved. There are a lot of behind the scenes that my readers don’t see. While it may look to you like I post about every product out there, I’ve turned down way more brands and products than I’ve posted because either I don’t like it or the brand doesn’t fit with me or my reader. There’s thousands and thousands of different skin products out there and I think it’s okay to love more than one.

      Hopefully this gives you better insight as to why I choose to talk about Perlier.

      Thanks so much for reading!

      xo, Rach

  7. Ally says:

    If it gets the dry skin off from a peeling sunburn, count me in!

  8. Emma says:

    Of course you have the cutest bathroom! Need to try these products
    Emma| With A City Dream

  9. Erica says:

    That bath cart is fanstastic! I love it!

  10. Heidi D. says:

    I’m definitely going to have to try these products. My skin gets so dry from sunscreen and self tanner that this could be a life saver. Thanks for sharing!

    Heidi D.

  11. Mel says:

    Great advice! I’m going to have to try some of those products.

  12. Meg says:

    I have the same problem with my skin getting so dry, so thank you for sharing your routine! I’m obsessed with your bathroom decor, by the way!!

  13. Lyndsay says:

    Your bathroom is so beautiful.

    prosecco in the park

  14. Ash says:

    I will definitely have to check out these products!!

    Xo Ash
    Sincerely Miss Ash

  15. Fabulux says:

    Great products! I was wondering what you had on your legs the other day, the sheen was amaze!

  16. Sarah says:

    I’d love to try the honey revitalizing body butter! Thanks for sharing!

    New outfit post:

  17. Kimberly Ann says:

    I’ve never heard of body water but it sounds amazing! Great routine!!


    PS I’m doing a giveaway!!

  18. Bekka says:

    I always love finding new skincare products… Definitely will have to try the hand cream. Beyond obsessed with your bathroom! About to decorate my new condo in Miami and am looking for all sorts of inspiration :) I might need that bar cart in my life… Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Bekka
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  19. arielle says:

    your skin is so flawless! can’t wait to try. and that robe looks so comfy and perfect for summer!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  20. My skin is super dry right now too! Do they have anything for feet?
    Blonde with a Chanse

  21. McKenna says:

    I love body products and will have to give these a try! Gorgeous post! xo

  22. Joules says:

    Cute post! Your bathroom is gorgeous!

    Style by Joules

  23. LOVE Lake powell! It seriously is the best little break but I definitely understand the dry skin. In and out of the water all the time and in that hot sun, it definitely pays a toll! Will have to try some of these products, thanks for sharing!

  24. Jen says:

    Oh I love finding new skin products! Will have to try this. x

  25. Stephanie says:

    Your home is so stunning! What camera and lens do you use? Your photos are always so beautiful!


  26. zoe says:

    Perlier is one of my very favorite brands. Their lotions and creams are spectacular…I’ve never used anything nearly as wonderful on my skin! I always keep a mini in my purse for my hands :) xx

    The What’s In Between

  27. Jessica says:

    Such pretty photos! Thanks for sharing your beauty routine! I got some great ideas

    xx Jessica

  28. Your home is so pretty! Great review!


  29. These products sound amazing. I love the chandelier in your bathroom!

  30. Rachel says:

    These photos are gorgeous and the products look amazing!

  31. Love that you’re sharing your skin care routine! I recently got my face routine down, as I’ve finally found the products I love! My body is a whole other story & I’ll definitely have to look into some of these Perlier products!

  32. irene says:

    i know these products! love the smell and how moisturizing it is!


  33. Rachel says:

    Love this post, and beautiful pictures :)

    Love, Rachel

  34. Adrienne says:

    Thanks for sharing!!
    I definitely need to try this stuff!
    -Adrienne. xo

    Citizen of the World
    Citizen of the World

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  35. Rose says:

    Perlier is a fabulous line. I already use the Honey Revitalizing Body Butter but I definitely need to get the Honey After Bath Body Water. I seriously noticed the beautiful sheen you had on your legs in that post! Gorgeous pics, Rach! Your bathroom is simply divine:)

  36. Rose says:

    Absolutely great skincare routine, and I may need to try these skincare products out, my skin is always so dry!

  37. I love the gold and white accents in your bathroom! I have a similar, smaller, little side table next to my bath and I love displaying lotions, candles, and towels!

    Classy Chic & Chardonnay

  38. Stunning pictures! Such a great post!

    Madison Martine

  39. Sarah says:

    Your home is beautiful! You have such nice skin, thanks for sharing your routine!

    I’m 21 and just started a blog of my own! Could you please check it out?

    – Sarah

  40. This is such a great post! I am totally going for the spray water! Need a nice sheen without lathering on oil on my legs in the middle of the summer: great GREAT soft pictures by the way!! so pretty xoxo Darcy, The Supper Model,

  41. Scarlett says:

    Great post! I will have to take a look at their line soon!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  42. Mary says:

    Please proofread your posts. There are so many grammatical errors!
    It’s= it is
    You used that several times when you should have used “its”.

  43. Just ordered your 3 step honey leg treatment and am super psyched for the products to arrive! Love that they are organic and utilize such fabulous ingredients. And the rachel25 25% off deal was SO NICE!!! Thanks Rach xoxo Darcy, The Supper Model,

  44. I love your bathroom. I will have to try those products.

  45. Melissa says:

    Such great photos as always :)

  46. Leanne says:

    Gosh your bathroom is just incredible! I wish mine looked like that. Hope you had a wonderful family vacation!

    Love from South Africa

  47. Kristy Jane says:

    I love your bathroom. Absolutely gorgeous!

    The Salty Mess

  48. Annie says:

    OMG! Your blog is so great! I’m totally in love with it. Maybe you want to check out this great page when I found a lot of awesome tips:

  49. Your taste is timeless, I have loved every bit of your home thus far! And thank you for the introduction to the new brand! The Honey After Bath Body Water might have to be in my next beauty purchase (:
    XO Ally and Emma

  50. Mana says:

    I want to try all those products! I’m a bath product junkie and everything is just so lovely!
    Fashion and Happy Things

  51. Your bathroom is lovely and these products sound amazing!

  52. Marnie says:

    What happened to Biore, Jergens and La Mer?

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Still love and use those too! I love that there are so many awesome products out there!

      Thanks for reading!

      xo, Rach

  53. Stephanie says:

    Such gorgeous photography here! Is that taken at your house? If so, I’m sooooo jealous:) Have a great week!

  54. Irina Bond says:

    I’m dying at how beautiful your bathroom is! Love Barefoot Dreams as well!

    xo, Irina

  55. Anastasia says:

    You have a very opulent and picture-perfect bathroom

  56. Bridgette says:

    Your bathroom is so glam! LOVE it!

  57. Amy Soto says:

    Is that a huge jar of bath salts!? How amazing!


  58. Miss Pippi says:

    Your bathroom is stunning!

  59. Abi says:

    LOVE your bathroom! I’d never heard of that brand before but the packaging is lovely.
    Abi x

  60. Michaela says:

    Your house looks so beautiful! Great Post!

    Michaela X

  61. Amber says:

    Great Post! What bath salts do you use, and do you like them?

  62. Heather says:

    This looks wonderful. Is Perlier cruelty free though?

  63. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing! Definitely going to be trying this out.

  64. Cecilia90210 says:

    I just ordered the after bath body water and the body butter and can’t wait to get them!
    Love that your posts are always so glam and gorgeous:)

  65. Cameron says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I had the exact same candle and I let it get down really low thinking it would burn out by itself but instead the WHOLE TIN caught on fire. I love those Anthro candles but I’m sticking to glass now.

  66. Tami Lepley says:

    Where did you get your robe?

  67. Michelle says:

    Beautiful bathroom. Please share sources for the bath tub and cart.
    Thank you!

  68. R says:

    You have such a beautiful and inspirational blog. Do you happen to know what brand your gold cart is?!!? (I always check on One Kings Lane too late and the item is already sold out… I would love to search for it elsewhere). Also, are those blankets on the bottom of the cart or towels? Do you mind sharing a brand/source and colors? Thanks so much!

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know the brand of bar cart. I actually found this one by searching brass bar cart on google. Maybe you’ll find the same one or similar style by doing that. I hope you find it, good luck!

      They’re towels and I got them from Pottery Barn outlet about 4 years ago.

      Thanks for reading!



      • Rory says:

        Oh, you are so sweet! I really appreciate you getting back to me. I’ll try searching for it that way. One last question (if you don’t mind)… Is your cart the gold finish or bronze finish? The gold one is gone (One Kings Lane) but they still have the bronze finish available… Thanks again! Xx

  69. Love your hair!
    xo, Shantell

  70. Another Rachel says:

    I actually just saw a photo from this post on theeverygirl. I just wanted to make you aware of this in case they didn’t have permission to use your photos. Normally, I wouldn’t think twice of it, as I believe the writers there are awesome, but it struck me as really odd – it’s a photo of you with their brand logo on it. I recognized you immediately and got excited because I thought that you may have written it. If they have your permission, just ignore this comment. I just know how bummed I would be if this happened to me. Here is the link:

    Also, I can’t believe how ridiculous people are about you trying different products. I have about six different face creams in my bathroom right now.

    Much love,
    – Another Rachel

    • Rachel Parcell says:


      Thanks so much for letting me know! They didn’t have my permission but at least they did provide a link back to my site :)

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person who uses more than one face cream!

      Thanks so much for reading my blog!


  71. Lisa says:

    Hi! May I ask what are the wall colors in your master bathroom and kitchen, please? I love the elegant clean look. Thanks

  72. Tina says:

    This is what we need – an insight to make evnyeore think

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