1. LOVE! Consider this ordered!

    PS – I ordered your pink midi and your every day dress and I wear them non-stop! Especially the dress. So classic and wearable. I have loved your blog for years, I am so glad to support you in a real way! Telling everyone I know about your new line! XO

  2. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous, such a pretty print! Any chance you might ship internationally soon? Namely Australia?

  3. Please continue making this skirt — I want to buy one so bad! :) Also, what color bag would you pair it with? Thanks Rach! xo

  4. I believe I know the answer all ready, but is there anyway to still get this skirt? I’m kicking myself for not getting it when it came out last spring and am dying to have it to wear for the Kentucky Derby next month! :)

    1. Hi Emily!!

      I don’t believe we have any of these left :( I’m sorry! But there are others on the site you might like!

      xo, Rach