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February, 28, 2017

My Kitchen Reveal…

white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 15 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 32 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 11 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 18 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 9 white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 6 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 14 white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 1 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 17 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 10  white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 8 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 16 white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 2 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 1 (1) white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 24 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 5 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 4 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 7 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 23 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 6 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 2 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 3 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 33 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 37

^^ yes, I know my tag is still on!! I’m sure I’m not the only one who has accidentally left the house with a tag on ;)

white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 22  white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 12 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 35 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 20 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 34 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 26 white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 5 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 25 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 31 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 27 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 29 restoration-hardware-dinning-tablewhite-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 28 white-marble-kitchen-brass-fixtures - 36white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 3 white-marble-kitchen-farm-house - 7 Top: Rebecca Minkoff (similar style herehere and here) | Jeans: AYR (also here) | Lips: Soar liner and Snob lipstick

Isla’s Sweater: Zara (similar style here) | Leggings: Gap | Bow: Wunderkin ℅ | Boots: Hunter

Finally my kitchen reveal without Christmas decor! Over the weekend my kitchen was featured on MyDomaine. You can read the full article here!

xo, Rach

Kitchen Design: Rachel Parcell

Accessory Styling: Studio McGee

Bar Stools: Restoration Hardware

End Chairs: Restoration Hardware

Dining Pendants: Restoration Hardware

Dining Table: Restoration Hardware

Dining Chairs: Restoration Hardware (similar here and here)

Little Table and Chairs: Restoration Hardware Baby & Child

Entry Way Table: Alice Lane

Jar in Entry: Alice Lane

Box: Alice Lane (similar here)

Entry Way Mirror: Alice Lane (similar here and here)

Mini Kitchen Set: Pottery Barn Kids

Mini Shopping Cart: Pottery Barn Kids

Drinking Goblets: Pottery Barn (similar here and here)

Ruffle Edge Bowl: McGee & Co.

Cake Stand: McGee & Co.

Pitcher: McGee & Co.

White Cake Stand: McGee & Co.

Pink Bowl: McGee & Co.

Berry Basket (small): McGee & Co.

Berry Basket (large): McGee & Co.

Trophy Dish: McGee & Co.

Hand Towels: McGee & Co.

Green Velvet Pillows: McGee & Co.

Butterfly Blue and White jar: McGee & Co.

Beechwood bowl (small): McGee & Co.

Beechwood bowl (medium): McGee & Co.

Sky Grey Jar: McGee & Co.

Madelyn Hurricane Vase: McGee & Co.

Tinted Vase: McGee & Co.

Wooden Bowl Pedestal: McGee & Co.

Rectangle Pizza Board (small): McGee & Co.

Rectangle Bread Board (medium): McGee & Co.

Round Bread Board (small): McGee & Co.

Round Pizza Board (large): McGee & Co.

Candle: McGee & Co.

Marble and Wood Hex Board: McGee & Co.

Mini Jars: McGee & Co.

Hand Soap/Lotion: McGee & Co.

Link and Floral Planter: McGee & Co.

Pitcher: McGee & Co.

Recipe Box: McGee & Co.

Canyon Crock (small): McGee & Co.

Glass Lidded Dish: McGee & Co.

Plenty More: Amazon

NOPI The Cookbook: Amazon

At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Amazon

Eat Beautiful: Amazon

Twenty Dinners: Amazon

Seasons: Amazon

Eva Vase: CB2

Pendant: CircaLighting (similar here and here)

Wreath: Tai Pan Trading

Serving Dish: Williams Sonoma (similar here)

Plates: Anthropologie (similar here)

Rug: One Kings Lane

Photos by Lindsay Salazar.

  1. Sarah says:

    The photo of you with Isla holding the orange you can see the tag hanging from your clothes…

  2. Benedetta says:

    Love your gorgeous as the rest of your house!!!!

    Be Happy with Fashion

  3. Rach says:

    Your kitchen is amazing! Definitely my dream kitchen!

  4. Natali says:

    Wow! That is fabulous! HOME GOALS big time!

  5. Lauren says:

    What kind of hardwood floor do you have in your kitchen. That’s exactly the kind of floor I am looking to do in our house.

  6. Stacey says:

    Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us, Rachel! What brand and color floors do you have?

  7. Hadassah says:

    Love it!! Thank you for this detailed look, everything is so beautiful!

  8. Your kitchen is so beautiful and amazing! I couldn’t even begin to decorate something like this! I’m literally in awe! Just Beautiful!

  9. Cassie Rea says:

    Swoon worthy for sure! I love your floors! What kind of wood are they? They add such a nice rustic touch without being too over the top. Beautiful!
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

  10. Jill Lookabill says:

    Beautiful! What wood are your floors, stunning and love the stain on them!

  11. Kirsten says:

    Looks nice. I thought you were selling your house tho?

    -kirsten //

    • heidi says:

      It’s sold already, but I think Rach will be living in it until the new home is finished. I can’t wait to see the new place.

      • Kirsten says:

        It would be so sad for me to put that much work into making a beautiful space, only to be leaving it. Plus you don’t get 100% of the money put in returned. :/

        • Rachel Parcell says:

          We did not change any large items, just decorative pieces! It’s always fun to switch out the accessories in your home to give it a fresh feel!

  12. Jalisa says:

    Wow, Rach, your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I love the fresh and airy feel of it with the white cabinets (which I’m typically not a fan of) and marble and wood accents. I also love that you have a little kitchen area for Isla because I know at around that age, they love to go through the cabinets and take out all the pots and pans, haha. At least she has her own little section, too cute! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great day!



  13. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Love the cleanliness and structure design of the kitchen layout … such a gorgeous space to be spending lots of times in … simply gorgeous! :)

    ❤LA BIJOUX BELLA❤ | BY MIA | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  14. You have such a gorgeous home! All of that marble just kills me! And it’s styled perfectly! Love all of the little touches. Thanks for sharing! xo Bryn

  15. Such a gorgeous space, you’re very lucky to call this place home!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  16. Areli says:

    This kitchen is so gorgeous and bright and so inspirational!
    Areli’s April
    Areli’s April on Bloglovin

  17. It’s absolutely charming – the perfect place for family and friends to gather and for memories to be made. XOXO – Em

  18. Tess Felber says:

    Isla is turning into the most darling little lady! Your home is seriously stunning, Rach! Thanks for sharing :)
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  19. Vitri says:

    What a dream kitchen! Your kitchen is just GORGEOUS!!! Love every single detail!!!
    xo, Vitri

  20. Wow! What a beautiful space. I love all the white and also the gold fixtures. Seems like a great space for making delicious meals and spending time with family. I love your daughter’s mini kitchen too- too cute!

  21. This is absolutely breathtaking! An ideal kitchen. Thank you for sharing!

  22. Rach it looks SO amazing. So much inspiration is coming from this post! I love all the detials and Isla’s little kitchen section too! So cute and a fun place for her to be apart of everything!

  23. Megan says:

    Your kitchen is so gorgeous! I love the French Country style that you have going on. The natural light is also stunning!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  24. Nancy says:

    Yes! Just, yes yes yes!! I love your kitchen! I’ve been wanting to see the whole thing (we only get to see snips of it) so thank you!! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to have one like this one day :) Oh and Isla is so adorable!!

  25. Federico says:

    You forgot to remove the price tag on your top.

  26. Gracie says:

    Beautiful home! I was hoping to see your pantry.

  27. Jenny says:

    Rach, your kitchen is amazing! I love all the marble, especially the marble tile backsplash. My boyfriend and I just bought a new home and we’re starting renovations next month. We’re not doing the kitchen yet but I’m definitely sending him this to file away as inspiration for the future. I LOVE little Isla’s outfit. She looks so cute and cozy!

    Stuff I Love

  28. sasa says:

    So pretty! My dream kitchen:P

    Shall We Sasa

  29. Erin says:

    I think you left a tag on your outfit… still gorgeous!

  30. eileen says:

    Where is your kitchen hardware from?

  31. In love with your kitchen! Nothing better than white and marble! Those green velvet pillows are to die for!

  32. Holly G says:

    Rach your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! The details are just stunning. It’s fun to finally really see it as we’ve only seen bits and pieces of it on the blog. Thanks for all the details!
    xo, Holly

  33. Lisa says:

    You should cut the tag off your clothes before posting pics. Or at least hide them better.

  34. This is amazing!! I love the natural light and all the bright whites. I also LOVE all the little details, including the Rifle Paper Co. Recipe holder and all the cookbooks.

    Superbly styled!


  35. Alyssa says:

    OMG these photos are sooooooo cute!!! I love the one where your little girl is hiding between your legs! So cute! xx

  36. brett says:

    Your kitchen is seriously stunning! Where is the cookbook stand from?

  37. Wow, so precious! I love your outfit and the kitchen!! Little Isla is so cute!

    xx, Hannah

  38. Mayra says:

    Love your kitchen. We are building a house up in Ellejay, GA and I’m loving some of your ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  39. Paige says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you guys do in your new house!

  40. Julie says:

    I can’t even! Such a beautiful kitchen, R and so perfectly styled! Love absolutely everything!

  41. Aria Di Bari says:

    What a lovely interior you have, lucky you!

  42. misty says:

    love your kitchen. the lights over the island, I’ve been looking at them online on retailer sites and yours seem more gold. maybe it’s just their bad photos that make their look more brown. can you tell me the name of the color, since I like the color of yours. thanks!

  43. Brandie says:

    Beautiful! The knobs and handle on the cabinets at the end of your island make a little smiley face. I have no idea why I notice things like that. I guess that just means it’s a happy kitchen. ;)

  44. Madeleine says:

    Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful home! And with Domain Australia! (I’m from Australia :-P) We’re building our house atm, so it gave me lots of inspiration! And I’m glad you included that darling photos of you and Ilsa together, you’re right, who hasn’t left the house with the tags on, and who cares!

    xx Madeleine

  45. Christy Potter says:

    Hi Rachel! Your kitchen is gorgeous! I was wondering if you are enjoying the marble counters. We’re considering using marble in our kitchen but I’m nervous about having it with small kids. I would love to hear your take on living with marble! Thanks so much!

  46. nicole says:

    Where did you get your beautiful light fixtures?

  47. Heather romney says:

    Stunning! I would also like to know where you found your sink Faucet if you don’t mind?

  48. Stephany says:

    I love your kitchen, but I was hoping to see in the pantry. Perhaps you are like most of us and the pantry is not as organized and neat as the rest of the kitchen.

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      The pantry is just a walk-in with a ton of shelves for our everyday snacks, food storage, and some kitchen storage!

  49. kershia says:

    Hey!! so Beautiful!!! i was wondering what size are the green velvet pillows?

  50. Megan says:

    Hi Rach, your family and house are gorgeous! Where did you find your kitchen faucet? Thanks

  51. Love the top & your beautiful kitchen!! :)

    Lily |
    PSLily Boutique

  52. Zahava says:

    First off you and Isla look great!😍
    Love so much about your kitchen!
    You did a gorgeous job!!
    Can I ask about your counter??
    I’m building a house now…
    And if you have any other tips?

  53. Sharan says:

    You have a beautiful kitchen!!


  54. Sarah K Odom says:

    Hi, what do you to prevent water stains on your marble? and what finish is this? Thank you for your time, it is truly magnificent!!

  55. So obsessed with your space Rachel! Your big island is to die for–that marble though! :) xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

  56. Jessica says:

    Oh my gosh your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!

    xo, jess

  57. Love your interior! Great post
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  58. Thao says:

    Love your kitchen!!! I just bought the same top but isn’t it from Rebecca minkoff???

  59. Sophie says:

    This is definitely the best kitchen decoration I’ve ever seen <3

    xoxo, Cool men fashion

  60. Nicole says:

    Just so lovely. Clean and classic, warm and inviting. Studio McGee and Rach Parcell, a match made in Heaven.

  61. Pam says:

    God, your kitchen is gorgeous!
    Loved every detail <3

  62. A says:

    Love Love Love! Can you share brand and paint sheen color of your cabinets?

  63. Amanda says:

    Beautiful kitchen! Have you ever listed the woods you used for your cabinets and floors as well as the exact white color of your cabinets and slabs of marble? These details would be so very appreciated!!

  64. Shiva says:

    I love your flooring! What is the manufacturer and style/color?

  65. Jenilee Sederholm says:

    Is the dusk rose flutter dress going to be restocked?

  66. Tara says:

    Hi Rachel,
    Thank you so much for sharing! I have always loved your kitchen. We are beginning a remodel – I was hoping to see a post like Emily did: cabinet color, wall color, marble name, where cabinets are made, where you purchased the pulls, faucet, etc. those are the details I am most interested in. Thank you so much!!!Q

  67. Polly says:

    Your kitchen looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the big island and the floating shelves!


  68. Nicole says:

    Hi! Amazing kitchen!! I am currently building and choosing floors. What is your floor type? I love it

  69. Ryan Kelly says:

    bookmarked, magnificent site!

  70. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful kitchen. xo

  71. Seppy says:

    Wow what a gorgeous kitchen! I love how much light there is. And I didn’t think of using recipe books the same way we use them in bookshelves to decorate! What a great idea!

  72. Melissa says:

    I am just wondering what color you chose for your wingback dining chairs. They are beautiful!

  73. Lisa Autumn says:

    This is serious kitchen goals.. wow girl!

    xx Lisa

  74. Lisa says:

    Love, Love, Love your home, it is absolutely stunning! Can I ask where the small white octagon bowl with cookies is from? Can you please list the source.

  75. Lex says:

    I love all of the little bits! The cake stands are amazing and I’m immediately rushing to go buy some haha.

  76. Karin panetta says:

    Your kitchen is stunning! Could I ask, are your counters marble or another material – if not marble, what are they. Thanks!

  77. Jennifer says:

    Love love the kitchen! A few people have asked about your floor type and color / type of wood and stain color. Can you please provide answers?

    Thank you!

  78. Jaclyn says:

    What size is your dining room table without the leaves? I like how the 6 chairs fit the table and we Are between sizes!! Thank you.

  79. Teresa says:

    Sweet dog!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    I am in love with your floors! Can you tell me what they are? <3

  81. Jacqueline says:

    Would love to know the make and style of your kitchen cabinets. Thanks!

  82. Dying over this kitchen!! It’s so beautiful, definitely kitchen goals!
    xo, Alexis

  83. Elizabeth says:

    So beautiful! I would love an all-white kitchen! It would be hard to cook in such a beautiful space thought. And Isla is precious!! Love her little kitchen too :)

  84. Tara Henry says:

    Do you remember the name on your marble countert

  85. Tara says:

    Do you remember the name on your countertop? Also the hardware.

  86. Justina says:

    love love LOVE your kitchen! everything you choose is exactly what I would want for my home. if your new kitchen/house is anything like the one you have now, I can’t wait to see it :) ps: the post was about your kitchen not a casual mistake that you made by not clipping off a tag ;)

  87. Megan L says:

    Obsessed with your kitchen! Where is your hood for your range from??

  88. Wendy Fetterman says:

    Your kitchen is absolutely stunning!! We are in the middle of remodeling and I ADORE the chevron accent in the back of your cabinets as well as the feminine touch in the cabinet hardware! I have searched LONG and HARD for any details you might have posted on your design…but to no avail and I am driving my husband crazy looking for them!!:( Any information on the materials used to create the chevron design would be beyond greatly appreciated!!

  89. Lisa says:

    Beautiful. I absolutely love it. Thank you for sharing. Can you share where you purhased your marble backsplash from? Is it Calacatta Gold?

  90. Karishma says:

    Oh my Gosh! This Kitchen! Your taste is impeccable! Can you tell me what kind of subway tiles (size and type) you have in your backsplash? I want that look for my kitchen remodel but haven’t been able to find the right tile? Thanks so much!

  91. Toni says:

    What type of marble edge did you use on your countertops? It doesn’t look like the standard mitered edge.

  92. Sharon says:

    Where are your white kitchen shelves from

  93. liz says:

    Love your kitchen! What kind of counters are those? Super White Quartzite, Marble or quartz? Trying very hard to find a Quartz that look like marble, but may end up with a Quartizite (Natural stone)

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Hi Liz,

      They are marble!!

      xo, Rach

    • Kitty says:

      Hi, Liz. We recently picked a quartz called New Carrara for our new kitchen and no one can tell the difference between it and real marble. It’s from Arizona Tile. I’d also love the paint color for these cabinets, but for some reason Rach seems to be keeping those details to herself.

  94. deanna says:

    can you tell me where your kitchen cabinet hardware is from? thanks:)

  95. Emily says:

    Was finish is your dining room table? I love it :)

  96. Jenna says:

    Hi rachel! Your kitchen is stunning! I am about to redo my kitchen white. What color did you paint the cabinets, walls and trim?

  97. Liz says:

    Beautiful. Can you tell me what sizes are the breadboards?

  98. Jen says:

    Hi Rachel,
    It seems there are a lot of questions about the materials you used in your kitchen. Could you give us more details, like the brand of paint you used, the material for the flooring, the type of marble, and the brand of the gold kitchen pendant? I also didn’t see anything about your process of designing it or any notes about the cabinets, etc. Since this is a post about the kitchen, I think a lot of us want to know more details about it! Thanks!

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Hi Jen!

      Yes, for sure! I honestly don’t remember all the details off the top of my head. So let me ask my husband and get back with you :) Thanks for your patience!

      xo, Rach

  99. Kimberly says:

    Where is your kitchen chandelier from?

  100. Michelle says:

    This is so gorgeous! What is the paint colour you used?

  101. Patricia Goy says:

    Love your kitchen! What paint color did you use?! I love the color!!

  102. Katie says:

    Hi Rach,

    This is the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen! Absolutely stuning! I would love to get more details such as cabinet maker / brand, type of counter and back splash marble, sink brand and faucets and range hood etc. We’re in the process of planning our kitchen remodel and I would love to use your kitchen as inspiration. Thanks so much in advance!


  103. Anny says:

    Wow, That makes me feel jealous at the moment. I wish I could get this kitchen ;)

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