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July, 8, 2015

Jouer Cosmetics…


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Remember when I last talked about Jouer Cosmetics in this post? Well today I’m teaming up with them to share with you some of their latest beauty products featured in the Le Matchbox Summer Box! If you don’t already know how it works, after taking a quick, simple quiz Jouer will send you some of their products (handpicked and expertly curated just for you and your skin type) to your doorstep in a super cute customized box!

After taking the quiz it will tell you whether you are “cool” or “warm.” I took the quiz and discovered that I was getting the Cool Box! Here’s a look at what came in my Le Matchbox Summer Box…


Mineral Powder Bronzer in Suntan

Creme Eyeshadow in Organza

Lip Sheer SPF 15 in Tulum

Cheek Tint deluxe sample in Petal

Everyday Effortless Mascara

Brought to you by Jouer Cosmetics.

  1. Patricia says:

    Love your outfit ;) The skirt and the top! Absolutely stunning ;)

  2. Soraya says:

    I’ve never tried this before but it sounds so fun and different! I look forward to trying Jouer Cosmetics, thanks for sharing — Soraya

  3. glamdevils says:

    That sounds like fun. Can’t wait to take the quiz :D

    xx Mira

  4. sammie says:

    these beauty products look so nice and i love your photos,so clear and bright,wow

  5. Sardis Jaque says:

    This is another level of makeup service! I can’t wait to have them delivered at my place.

  6. IRENE says:

    love the lipstick colors! beautiful pictures!

  7. Chottie says:

    You look beautiful!! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, so I would try these products out just for that alone! It sounds like such a cool concept, thanks for sharing:)


  8. These cosmetics look great! And these photos are beautiful!

    Her Heartland Soul

  9. What a great concept! I’m looking forward to taking the quiz and trying Jouer’s products.

  10. sasa says:

    Would love to try:P

    Shall We Sasa

  11. Lyndsay says:

    I have long been a fan of Jouer, their lipgloss is wonderful, not at all sticky and has some serious staying power. I had no idea that they now do a box, will definitely have to check that out!

    prosecco in the park

  12. ColourClub says:

    Lovely pictures! Love your outfit! The skirt, the shoes and the cape! Stunning!
    Love from Vienna
    Borislava von

    Giveaway: 2 pairs of sunglasses! More is also up on the blog

  13. Danielle says:

    Wow I love this idea! Your pictures are so pretty!! I am going to take that quiz!! Nothing is better than receiving a package at the front door right? haha.


  14. Ann-Louise says:

    Jour cosmetics sounds like a great brand! I love your outfit as well, and Dasher!

  15. Laura says:

    Such pretty pictures and a great selection of cosmetics!


  16. Audrey says:

    Beautiful pictures! Always on the hunt for new cosmetics so I’ll definitely check Jouer out! xx

    Audrey Adair | (formerly Key Gypsy)

  17. What gorgeous photos! I am loving the soft pink tones for summer makeup! Gorgeous!

  18. Alyssa says:

    I’ve been wanting to try Jouer’s lipstick in Kate. I’ve heard it’s fabulous!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  19. La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Beautiful cosmetic line, the colours & packaging is very practical and well designed and nice looking. Wow, look who made another appearance in this post again. The love of a dog is so unconditionally and with total loyal and devotion in every steps you take is the shadows of inspiration to hope and love for the lovevable DasherBoy … Simply beautiful. :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  20. Kate says:

    Your sparkle top is amazing! And your hair, how do you style it in this perfect wavy ponytail? Love it!


    Come see the rest of our Philadelphia trip!

  21. Tiffany says:

    Ok love your outfit for this post!!!
    Please check out my blog here:
    Flaunt and Center 

  22. Sara Kate says:

    So cool! I love that they have a quiz for it!

    Sara Kate Styling

  23. I can’t get enough of your house!! These pictures are gorgeous!!


  24. Natali says:

    Beautiful photos and great product presentation! I’ll def. give this brand a try.

  25. So distracted by your gorgeous hair, seriously, the perfect ponytail! And also your fabulous closet. Mrs. Parcell, you are one lucky lady indeed!

    Recent Post: Rosegal Printed Romper

  26. Sophie says:

    Such a neat concept! Love how a lot of companies are starting to do sample packs to your liking.

  27. Madison says:

    That is so cool! Love the skirt too.


  28. Libby G. says:

    I love all of their lip gloss colors! So versatile.

    Stylin’ Iowan Blog

  29. The concept behind this box is so neat! I’ve never tried Jouer cosmetics, but they have some gorgeous lip product shades to pick from. I also got the cool box!

    Monica / Mocha and Moccasins

  30. Danielle says:

    Your beautiful dog steals the show!

  31. Liz says:

    definitely gonna have to check out their line

  32. Rachel says:

    I love your top! I have never tried Jouer Cosmetics before. I’d love to see your makeup routine with them :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  33. Candace says:

    I love Jouer Cosmetics! They’re products are truly amazing.



  34. Jamie says:

    Your closet is amazing! Such a perfect getting ready area. Love this outfit, too!


  35. Grace says:

    So cute! I love your vanity setup! And those lip shades look darling!

  36. sallida says:

    So cool! I will take the quiz and let myself by surprise!

  37. Kriti says:

    All of these pictures are so pretty!

    The Class Act

  38. Megan says:

    Love the post! gorgeous lip colors! And serious closet envy!!


  39. Paige says:

    These pieces are all so gorgeous! I’m going to have to check these boxes out for myself!


  40. Lindsey says:

    You look so pretty all glamed up! Dasher boy looks so cute too. Thanks for sharing your new beauty cosmetics!

    Stay Styled,

    Instagram: stay_styled

  41. Pauline S says:

    This is great! I took the test and found out my skin tone is “cool”. Don’t know why I thought it was gonna be “warm” hahaha.
    Thank you for this info!


  42. Jillian says:

    Love these products, they are all necessities for summer!
    xo, jill

  43. Leanne says:

    Adorable pictures!!! You and your pup are so sweet!

    Love from South Africa

  44. lesley says:

    Your closet is to die for!!! I am checking into this new makeup…sounds interesting!

  45. Love the product placement.

    Beautiful photos, as always.


  46. Carly says:

    Looks like some lovely products!
    Dresses & Denim

  47. Anna D Kart says:

    You look so fresh and polished! Thank you for sharing

    Happy Medley

  48. Hi Rach,

    Wow, U look so stunning and beautiful as always. You are…!! And this cutie Dash follows you everywhere.. aww thats so cute…

    Love the Jouer lipstick and bronzer…just so cool…

    Love ya Rach and a big fan of urs…!!

    I check out your each n every post darling…

    Keep posting..!!

    Love, Neha

  49. Hayley Larue says:

    Obsessed with your closet area! <3

  50. Brenda says:

    This make up like is so pretty. I will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!

    À LA PLAGE style

  51. Jasmin says:

    Love all the blush tones in this picture! Too pretty! :) Thanks for sharing.

  52. LOVE your pink midi skirt and sequined top! You look stunning as always ;-)


  53. Veena says:

    Such pretty pictures! That is a lovely outfit as well.

    ♡ veena |
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  54. Alexandra says:

    I love this idea! It’s like getting a professional advice as well as getting something beautiful. Would you mind sharing where your top and skirt are from? I love the combination!

  55. Alyssa Renee says:

    Love your outfit here! So girly and pretty! =)

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  56. Monika says:

    Love your vanity it’s so pretty. Your outfit is lovely too and I’ll have to check out that beauty box.


  57. Heather says:

    Who makes your white desk? It is very stylish!

  58. Patrice says:

    Where is your necklace from?

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