Jewel Tones…

pink-peonies-fall-time-outfits free-people-pink-scarf fall-time-outfit-ideas-scarf free-people-pink-scarf-nordstrom rag-and-bone-fall-fedora-hatJeans: Paige | Sweater: Nordstrom | Scarf: Free People | Shoes: Valentino | Bag: Valentino | Hat: Rag and Bone  |  Lips: Hip n’ HappyPink Dusk

One of my favorite color combos this season is olive green and a marsala color! If you’re looking to incorporate more color into your wardrobe for fall and winter, try jewel tone denim! I love rich and more saturated hues of denim lately, especially this deep marsala pair from Nordstrom! Add a sweater and some cozy layers and you have the perfect, laid back look for fall!

Below are more of my favorite jeans from Nordstrom…

xo, Rach
Brought to you by Nordstrom.


  1. Rach, I know you’re not a professional stylist, but ‘layering’ means there are layers to the outfit. Not just a sweater and a pair of jeans. Do a quick search so you can get familiar. Also taupe and moss green pants are not really jewel tones. jewel tones tend to be dark green, red, teal, blue, same as gemstones. that is why they’re called jewel tones.