Inspiration Wednesday: Textures + Q&A…

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Happy Wednesday!! I feel like during the fall and winter months we pull out so many gorgeous textures from our wardrobe – leather, faux fur, lace, wool, silk, metallic, suede and velvet (just to name a few!!!;). Don’t be afraid to mix and match your styles and textures. So many of these pieces could be worn together! The options are endless!!

And now for today’s Q&A…

I’m trying to find a consistent time to workout but it hasn’t been easy. I would love to hear more about your little ones’ schedule and your morning routine! 

I had to force myself to wake up at 6:00 am. I start working out between 6:30 and 7:00 so I’m done by 8:00. My babies usually wake up around 8:30. I’ve loved it because I’m not groggy when my kids wake up; I’m up and going and energized! Yesterday morning my alarm didn’t go off and I missed the gym so I woke up the same time my babies did and I was SO tired the entire morning. If you feel you lag in the morning, I would really try to wake up earlier, workout and then get your babies up!!

Once I get home from the gym, Drew leaves for work and I get the babies up and we all three eat breakfast together. I make Isla oatmeal or eggs and Jackson will devour anything I put in front of him, but eggs are his favorite. They also love the Kodiak Pancakes (a healthier option!!).

After breakfast we play, then I turn on an episode of Daniel Tiger so I can get some work done. I really try to limit the screen time so after that I’ll have Isla do some type of sensory activity. Right now she’s really into Play-Doh and Paint Dots!

What size weights do you use when you workout and do you increase the weight the more you workout?

I started with size 5 pound weights. Now I do 10’s or 12’s depending on the exercise.

Do you follow the sleep training method? Do you stick to it? Was it a gentle way? Any tips or advice to help deal with kids who sleep inconsistently would be much appreciated! 

I sleep trained both my babies. Isla was much easier than Jackson though, but I powered through. The biggest thing was I never let my babies sleep in my bed. They were either in a bassinet next to my bed or in their own rooms once they were a little older. I kept consistent and got them into a routine. My pediatrician told me one of the best things I could do for my babies was to get them into a routine because they thrive on that. We established a daily and nightly routine and I also read the book, Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old: A Step-By-Step Plan for Baby Sleep Success. I didn’t follow it religiously but I used a lot of the advice given. Now both Isla and Jackson sleep 8:00 pm – 8:00 am or 9:00 pm – 9:00 am. My sister Emily did the same thing with her kids!

Do you want more children and if so, how many more?

Yes, we do!!! Drew and I both come from big families! We eventually want two more but Jackson and Isla are so close in age so we are going to wait a while before having the next two.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great Wednesday!


  1. Love you and your blog so much. ☺️ I asked before but i never saw if it went through, sorry to be repetiTive if it did go through. 🙈What are your favoRite flats, heels, bOoties, boots/ knee high boots that can go with any/ every outfit? AfFordable and high end. ☺️

  2. Love your cold weather selections and your Q&A! It’s nice to learn a little more about the blogger behind the blog. It takes me right back, my boys are teens now but I vividly remember trying to get up before them to work out or take care of some things at home before they woke up. I still like getting up early, it’s my time to do the little things to prepare me for the day! xx Rox-Anne Celebrating This Life

  3. im loving all your picks! so much fun trends this fall- sooo cute! I just bought that ysl monagramme college bag! in the same color and everything! :) dont you love a good splurge!? Also can i say Im loving inspo wed! having q+A every week is so fun! have a good day rach!

    xoxo- Abby

  4. Love all of these textures! The grey Cecilia suede booties and the YSL purse are everything! I enjoyed reading your Q&A’s. It’s always nice to know more about the person behind the awesome blogs. last but not least, big shout out and thank you to you and your customer service team at PP…Emily too. she is awesome. happy to be back on track with the posts again. have an awesome day girl! ;)


  5. Thank you for sharing a little more about you! I think it’s amazing how you juggle everything! It’s inspiring!

    I also love your picks! I just bought that pink YSL bag and it’s just as beautiful in person! I’m too scared to use it!
    Those ruffle booties are next on my list!
    Happy wednesday!