Inspiration Wednesday: A Bright Winter…

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Here’s some bright outfit inspiration for your Wednesday morning!! In the cold winter months I tend to wear lots of neutrals, but every now and then it’s fun to add a pop of color with a bright accessory!

How do you guys feel about wearing bright colors in the winter?! Thanks so much for stopping by!!




  1. Wow, what a cute and colorful post Rach!! Love the Free People sweater and the Sentaler Pom Pom hat! Great picks for a cold winter Wednesday morning. <3

  2. love this round-up! I agree, sometimes i often lean towards neutrals in the cooler months but it’s super fun to wear a bright topper or grab a hot pink accessory as well!

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  3. I have the worst luck with the heels of my high heels. I have an expensive collection…. what’s the best way YOU’VE found to protect them. I just caught one of my favorite LoubOutin’s and sliced the leather wrapping the heel…. stupid question, i know… but seriously, i have the worst luck and i watch where im walking! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. I love bold colors in winter! It’s such a happy way to perk up a gloomy time of the year. the selections you have made are spot on! I love all of them, especially the tassle earrings. I see those everywhere and really need a pair! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Beth ||