Home Update…

 ^^The beginnings of my closet

 ^^Front side of our home. The oval window is my favorite. Below is the walkout basement area. The windows you see below will the workout room! BBG will be going down in there every morning! ;)

 ^^Back of the house before windows


  ^^Our breakfast nook before French doors and windows were installed

 ^^self explanatory lol

 ^^Going to change my mudroom door to match the blue color of our previous home! You all agreed too!

 ^^Kitchen sink and dishwasher will live centered on this window!

^^Family room! Most excited for our future cozy window seat tucked in the corner of the windows

Below is a bunch of screenshots from my phone of inspiration we used for the exterior finishes! What do you think??



All images via Pinterst

Happy Tuesday! The windows are currently being installed in our new home and it’s making so excited, it finally feels like a home now so I wanted to do a construction update post! I also did a walk through on Sunday that is now saved on my insta-stories highlights if you want a more detailed look at our home (@rachparcell).

I’m starting to count down the days until we it’s competed! We should have our four-way inspection early next week and then we can start on the exterior finishes on the outside and drywall on the inside! I can’t wait to start getting brick up and walking in to white walls. It’s about to get real very fast! It’s been so amazing seeing everything we planned out for over two years come to life!

Let me know below if you have any home building questions for me or Drew! I’ll have him take a look at the comments here too so he can answer any questions you have! Or you can ask him on his IG too!


  1. this is so dreamy, the breakfast nook with all the snow, the view, all the inspiration, everything is so perfect!
    thank you for sharing all the process, I love being able to watch the whole construction process, I can not wait for the decoration!

  2. Absolutely GORgeous!!!! Love love love all the inspiration photos! what color paint will you be using for the brick?

  3. This is coming along beautifully! Love when you two build a hoUse, such a fun process to watch! Ok, my question is what is the name of the blue Paint color you used on the last house (doors) that you will use on the door on this house? Love it!💙

  4. Hi guys!
    Great post! Loved seeing the progress shots! Just wondering what the large room above the three arched WINDOWS will be at the Back of your new home? Can’t wAit to hear!


  5. i live for your home updates!! Please settle the debate for all of us- do you plan to paint your brick exterior?! There is a lot of conflicting advice! I love the look but iS it detrimental To the brick or does it need maintenance? Thank you for any advice & Congratulations!

  6. It’s stunning! Your taste is so classy and elegant! I cannot wait to see the interior come yo life. So much fUn coming your way! Love it!!

  7. Hey Rachel!

    Thanks for inviting us to ask questions. I actually DM’d you on IG back in January and here’s a rundown of what I asked:
    Do you think you could do a Q&A sesh with Drew? You’ve mentioned Drew’s passion is home building. What inspired him to get into doing home builds? How did he develop his knowledge base of construction (did he take any courses/SCHOOLING on it)? It’s been shared that he works/worked for his dad’s insurance company, so where did residential development come from?

    With Love & Style,
    ♥ Amber

    P.S.- Everything looks like it’s coming together beautifully! Is it stressful? You should do a week-long blog series that takes your readers on a week through your day to day activities for a week. Workouts. Mommin’ it. Shopping. Blog stuff. Business stuff. Home design. Family time. Do you always follow a typical schedule? When you stop by your new home, how do you know what to look for?

    1. I was wondering the same thing- how did Drew get into construction? I hope my future husband knows a lot about construction so he’s able to build a beautiful house like this too!
      Also, are you doing white brick on the outside? and for your closet, is there a specific company you use for all the built-ins/cabinets or is it all done through alice lane? Thanks!

  8. I love following your home building process!! (And you, in general) my husband and i plan to build our home in another couple of years but we’re completely new at all of this. What are your Recommendations as to what to Bring to the meeting with the architect? Should i take pictures of what i like? Inside and out? FlooR pLans? Details? Soo much!! And we have no clue lol any help is appreciated! THanks in advance!

  9. Cannot wait to see this stunner upon comPletion! Would you Please share The type of shingle you used on the roof of this beauty??
    Best of luck!

  10. gorgeous! the arched window details is beautiful!! i love that you kept the french chateau look and feel. i loved that about your last house!!

    IG –> @jacqueline_lise