From the Gym to Errands…


Jacket: Nike | Bra: Nikeย (also love this one) | Leggings: Nike | Shoes: Nikeย | Hat: Nike

You guys know how much I love running and working out!! I usually don’t share workout looks on my blog but they end up being my #ootd ;) because some days I never find time to change after my workout if I don’t have any big plans for the day other than playing with my babes and running errands. When Nike reached out to partner I was THRILLED!!! Especially because I’ve worn their products for years and their shoes and clothing perfectly transition from workout to errands!!

They sent me their newest running shoe, the Free Run 2018 and I am obsessed! I did BBG In them yesterday and loved them! They are super flexible and when I wear them it almost feels like I’m barefoot! It’s the perfect shoe for any aspect of life whether it’s fitness, running, lifestyle or even travel!

In these pics I have my Sweat app open that you can download in the App Store. I usually don’t have makeup on while I’m doing my workouts since I do them at the crack of dawn but I always have on a pair of nikes, black leggings and a bra top. My phone is also always glued to me since the program I follow is on the app. Let me know if you have any fitness related questions below!!

My morning workout routine… I eat a TreeTop Apple Sauce Pouch while I stretch and look at my app at the two circuits I’ll be doing for the next 28 minutes. Then I turn on my favorite playlist, do the workout and after I do a quick stretch and a drink a protein shake (chocolate flavor is my favorite). I love the apple sauce because it’s easy to grab and go, isn’t too heavy and gives you some sugar to use as fuel for your workout!

Brought to you by Nike.




  1. Your workout posts are my favoritE! Questions: whAt kind of protein do you usE/what goes in your shake? how are you liking bbg stronger vs regular bbg? And after your first round of bbg did you repeat the first 12 weeks or keep going in the app? Im on week 6 but stIll feel like i haven’t mastered some of the moves (ie I cant do a real push up). Sorry for all the questions :) hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love your workout posts! A couple questions: what kind of protein powder do you use? And do you recommend doing bbg 1.0 again after the first round? You inspired me and i am on week 6!

  3. Just started BBG and i love it! What kind of protein shake do you Drink? Also i am obsessed with your nike jacket๐Ÿ˜ must get it!

  4. I just had a baby 2 months ago and signed up for BBG todaY (which was motivated by your amazing progress)! What protein shake do you drink? Is there a recipe you use?

  5. Hi Rachel! I think you are tHe cutest & sO motivating. I know you run, do bbg & fitness classes. What does your work week look like with all those things? I run & do bbg but im curious how you incorporate all 3? Your transformation is outstanding and I have very similar goals. Im fit but I want to have a flat Toned tummy (after having my kiddos). Thanks for your time๐Ÿ’•. Christy

  6. What do tou typicall ear on a daily basis? Tryinf to get insoiration and help to chanfe my diet! I Do the sweat app too :)

  7. I tried your egg and cottage cheese meal that you had on IG stories. Yum! Very satisfying!
    I love your IG stories especially when you talk to us about something you like or what is on your mind. watching your house being built is great! Love that you show that you are a church goer.
    A loyal reader ~Lynn

  8. Rachel, love your post! What is the weight of the dumbbells that you use? Also, my 18 year old DAUGHTER wants to get a pair of 5 kg weights – wondering if itโ€™s too heavy? Appreciate your tips, thank you ๐Ÿ’•