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May, 5, 2016


pink-peonies black-shirt-dress-pink-peonies rachel-parcell-everyday-dress black-shirt-dress-rachel-parcell black-shirt-dress rachel-parcell-clothing-lineDress: Rachel Parcell | Sandals: Valentino (similar style here at a fraction of the cost!!) | Bag: Celine (similar style here) | Hat: Rag and Bone | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Lips: YSL Rouge Pur Couture #13Cherry Liner by MAC

Today we’re off to another ultrasound! We could’ve found out the gender of the baby weeks ago but we’ve been so busy with the launch of my clothing line that we’ve had to reschedule so many appointments. At our first appointment the baby was being stubborn so we didn’t get a good shot to be able to tell if our little baby was a boy or a girl. I almost thought at this point I would just wait and be surprised once we have the baby… That is until late last week when my mind started racing and I couldn’t stop thinking about what we could be having! The very next morning I called and made an appointment (I have no patience, haha). So today we will officially find out what we’re having!!!!! I’ll keep you all posted!

Also! This dress has been one of the bestsellers from my spring collection and we literally sold out in every size within the first week (yay)! We’ve gone back into production with the dress are taking pre-orders right now. It will be back in-stock in June!! It’s such a staple dress, what other colors would you love to see it come in?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!!

xo, Rach

  1. Brittany Dransfield says:

    This dress would be lovely in navy, red, olive, probably anything! Just one suggestion on future items, more cotton, linen and silk please! Polyester isn’t too friendly in the hot and humid South ;)

  2. soraya says:

    YAY! So exciting Can’t wait to hear the gender of the baby! This dress is a classic, comfortable and versatile. Thanks for sharing — Soraya

  3. Jatin says:

    Love the dress with the touch of a red bag. I love the sandals too.

  4. This is such a perfect ‘put together but casual’ look! I love the red accents with your bag and lipstick. <3 I would also love to see this dress in navy.. I know that's dark as well, but I just think it's such a classic colour with a modern twist. I'm excited to find out if you're having a boy or a girl- if I were you I wouldn't be able to stand it hehe!

    All the best with the ultrasound- I wish a healthy and happy bub for you above all!

    xx Madeleine

  5. Jeannie says:

    Effortless sophistification for everyday

  6. Sarah says:

    absolutely loving that dress with the pop of red! beautiful :)

    x Sarah

  7. Rach says:

    That dress is perfect! So excited that your line is doing well! Can’t wait for you to reveal the baby’s gender!

  8. sasa says:

    Looking great:P

    Shall We Sasa

  9. Daniela says:

    Awesome dress, Rachel. Love your style.

    Lifestyle & beauty by Daniela

  10. How exciting!!

    I love this dress, it was my favorite from your collection. It’s so effortless and chic. I love how you styled it with the gray and pop of red.
    Beautiful as always!

    xo Bryn

  11. Ika says:

    Lovely dress and lovely collection!


  12. So obsessed with this dress! You look great, as always!

    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  13. Jessica says:

    Love the dress! There is no care information on your website- how do you wash & dry this garment?

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Great question! The items have a care label on them so when you purchase it will tell you how to care for it, but this one would be best dry cleaned!

      Xo Rach

  14. La Bijoux Bella | by Mia says:

    Oh hey, there is the adorable DasherBoy again! Such a vision of beauty in black colour and with a pop of red always turn an everyday into an extraordinary day! Just beautiful! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  15. Monika says:

    Lovely dress, so easy to wear!

  16. Such a classic dress for spring and summer! Love it!

  17. Emiy Maric says:

    What a great everyday combination. I love the pop of red xo, Emily

  18. You look absolutely gorgeous Rachell. Beautiful dress and love the combination of red accessories with it. :)

  19. Paula says:

    I am one of the people that ordered this dress and I love it! I have already worn it multiple times!


  20. brett says:

    love the pockets on that shirtdress! can’t wait to hear what you are having!! :)

  21. Natali says:

    Good luck at the ultrasound check and I hope that this time you’ll be able to see the gender of the baby! Anything it will be, just that it’s healthy is what matters, but it sure does help to feel more “connected” when you know the gender. :) You’re looking elegant and simply gorgeous, as per usual! :)

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      So true!! I’m just excited to hear the heartbeat and know that everything is healthy and growing properly :)

      Xo Rach

  22. jenessa says:

    I love it! Congrats rach I am so happy for your success and your little baby! I LOVE this dress, I was unable to get one. So I am stoked on the pre-orders. A white, coral, and baby pink even a tiffany blue would be gorgeous color options.


  23. Jamie says:

    How exciting!! Can’t wait to see if it’s a boy or girl :) love this dress! It’s a great length.


  24. nadin says:

    looking pretty! loved the bag!

  25. Jensyn says:

    I think this dress would look fabulous in literally any color! But I have to say I would love to own it in a soft coral, pale blue and Barbie pink colors ?

  26. Leanne says:

    I love this dress and black is a main staple in my wardrobe :) I’ll definitely be purchasing it when it is back in stock. I would however love to see it in a blush color!

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      Thanks Leanne! I love the black too. And blush would be beautiful – you know how I feel about pink! ;)

      Xo Rach

  27. MCKENNA TRAHAN says:

    Such a great basic and staple for any closet. I’m thinking a nude/blush color would be good for spring and summer! Love your hat! :) xo

  28. Amber S says:

    Teal would be pretty esp for summer!

  29. Amber S says:

    Could you make them in petite also? I love this dress but it would be super long not only in length but the arms etc.

  30. KB says:

    This dress would be amazing in chambray or a classic light pink/blush!

  31. Jenifer says:

    I would love to see it in a reddish color – not a true red but maybe with a little more pink? An emerald green would also be gorgeous for this dress. That is my number one suggestion. I think I left a comment on your Instagram saying olive green, but I mean emerald! This dress is amazing.

  32. Janice says:

    Excited to hear what the baby is!! I love this dress, would love to see it in an olive green too (maybe even in petite one day as I’m only 5’1″ ;) Would this work for someone my height?

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      It might be a little long on you, but we are looking to see if we can offer petite sizes in the future!

      Xo Rach

  33. Nyd says:

    Love the dress! How about green or ballet pink?

  34. Nicole says:

    I love this dress. Im in Canada and would love if you could post a similar? I can’t find anything like that here!

    • Rachel Parcell says:

      We ship to Canada!! So you can pre-order this dress if you’d like and we will ship it out as soon as it’s back in stock :)

      Xo Rach

  35. Wow that dress is PERFECT on you!! I didn’t know it was part of your collection, I love the length!! So chic! XO


  36. Lindsey says:

    Good luck with your ultrasound today, can’t wait to hear what you’re having!

    stay styled,


    IG: stay_styled

  37. Love this dress! Can’t wait to see what your having and what other colors you choose!! xo


  38. Amy Hutchins says:

    Love the hat!

  39. Emma says:

    I love this dress on you! Love your style. Can´t wait to hear the gender of the Baby- so exciting! :)

  40. Shay says:

    Blush <3 <3

  41. Alyssa Renee says:

    Love how simple and cute this dress is! Great everyday look! =)

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  42. Maggie says:

    That dress looks so comfy. Well done!

  43. tara says:

    This dress looks so comfortable! I agree- total staple! I would love to see a hot pink and baby pink and baby blue too, even a neon yellow would be fun.
    I’m excited for you to find out if your baby is a girl or boy. Hoping its a girl so they can be best fiends like you and your sister!
    XO, Tara

  44. You look so gorgeous girly! Red and black always looks so beautiful together. I also love your floppy hat. I just bought a black one from Forever 21 and now I feel like I need a grey one ;)

  45. Yesenia Torres says:

    Love the outfit , so beautiful !!! I love this dress in black & it would be awesome to see it in other colors as well . Maybe ivory or olive !!

  46. Diane Hoang says:

    I’m loving the pops of red from your bag and lips!

    xx, Diane ||

  47. Love the dress and bag! You look beautiful :)

    Lily |
    PSLily Boutique

  48. Pam says:

    You look gorgeous Rach! Loving your new collection♥

  49. Minau says:

    You look great!

  50. Sophie says:

    Classic black but you still look gorgeous <3

    xoxo, Best Bags For Women 2016

  51. Lauren Wall says:

    I am obsessed with your Celine bag…what size is yours?

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