Burgundy x Blush…

banana-republic-3 banana-republic-6 banana-republic banana-republic-5 banana-republic-4 banana-republic-8 banana-republic-1Look 1:

Tee: Banana Republic  |  Jacket: Banana Republic  |  Scarf: Banana Republic  |  Bag: Banana Republic  |  Heels: Banana Republic

Look 2:

Blouse: Banana Republic  |  Skirt: Banana Republic  |  Booties: Banana Republic  |  Bag: Banana Republic

One color combo I’m obsessing over right now is burgundy and blush. When I think of burgundy I typically think of Fall or Winter months and cooler, darker tones. While blush makes me think of Spring or Summer months because it’s so light and airy. So pairing the two together really makes them compliment each other, a fresh color trend that’s feminine and bold! #itsbanana

xo, Rach

Brought to you by Banana Republic.


  1. The white T-shirt isn’t linking to the banana page :( any chance you could refresh the link please?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Great looks Rach as always. Love your style.

    P.S. all of the links to see and purchase the items from your looks are incorrect. It takes me to a Pink Peonies login page.

  3. Hi Rachel,

    I’m loving your jeans and triangle necklace. Can you please provide shopping details for those too?