casual-maternity-style gap-pink-maternity-sweater light-pink-cozy-sweatervalentino-rockstud-flatsSweater: Gap Maternity (non maternity similar pink sweater here) | Denim: Current Elliott | Bag: Valentino | Flats: Valentino | Glasses: Karen Walker | Watch: Michele | Bracelets: Bracelets: David Yurman (herehere) | Lips: Saint Germain by MAC

I bought these jeans a few days ago at Nordstrom. Probably dumb on my part since I will only be able to wear them for a short period of time before they no longer fit BUT I loved the light wash and thought they would make for the perfect boyfriend jean once  I’m no longer pregnant! Drew told me I was crazy ;)

I’ve had a lot of reader questions about whether I’m wearing a belly band or maternity jeans. While I don’t fit into a single dress I owned before I got pregnant (other than a stretchy one) somehow my jeans still fit me, although I’m weeks (maybe even days) away from needing to switch to maternity. I haven’t been able to find any washes that I love so if you know of any cute (and comfy) maternity jeans let me know! I need major help!

Happy Wednesday!

xo, Rach


  1. I’m at 8 months and still haven’t worn maternity jeans–can’t find any I’ve liked mostly and they all seem ill fitting. Still wearing a couple of pairs of my stretchy skinny jeans, those seem to fit best, particularly the Vince ones. Good luck.

  2. Try Topshop or asos. Not a huge selection, but they seem cuter than most and the prices aren’t terrible (especially considering they’re only for the short-term). Nordstrom also has some maternity wear.|208684]&noOfRefinements=1

  3. I love this look. I have sadly not been able to find any cute maternity boyfriend jeans. I have found that I really like the Hue Denim Leggings at Nordstrom during my pregnancy.

    1. My sister recently just had a baby and lived in her Gap maternity jeans. Not too expensive and look great on. I personally didn’t think they were maternity jeans when she first put them on! She also loved the Paige maternity options at Nordstrom. They don’t have the large stretchy fabric that stretches over your belly, instead they placed the fabric on the sides of the waist. Hope you find something that works!

  4. You look so cute preggers! I really loved the Top Shop “Leigh” skinny jeans when I was pregnant, plus they’re a good price point for something you won’t wear very long!


  5. Wearing pink already…. You are so ready to have a little girl. Can’t wait to see how you dress her. Love the jeans. Great color wash.

    Have a wonderful day.
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  6. You’re lucky that your baby seems to be up a bit higher, when you carry lower, you have to make the switch to maternity pants sooner. Plus, they just feel a whole lot more comfortable. Nobody wants a closet full of maternity clothes because let’s face it, we wear them for such a short period of time, but then buying a size up in our regular styles really is a waste of time/money too as they can’t be worn afterwards. I can see Drew’s point but at the same time, you can wear them now as well as a bit after the baby is born. The first couple months, you just want comfy clothes but when you do put on jeans, it’s nice to know you have stylish ones that will fit you! Jeans are so much more comfortable when they’re maternity! Try then and you’ll see. Isabella Oliver and Pea in the Pod both offer great options.

  7. Believe it or not but H&M has really cute and cheap maternity jeans online. My baby was due last April and I was like you where I didn’t need to really start wearing maternity jeans until around this time but I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something I’d wear for 12 weeks or so. I tried the belly band but wasn’t a fan of it and the rubber band through the button hole only worked for a few weeks.

  8. Hi Rachel, I am pregnant too so I have been anxious to see how your style evolved to incorporate a growing belly. I have found some cute jeans and washes at asos, H&M online and j.crew even has a materinity line. Most stores, if they have it, only have maternity online.

    Let me know what you find and you look great!


  9. Adorable look! For maternity jeans suggestions, check out Makeup by Tiffany D’s blog and YouTube channel. She’s overdue, and had the best maternity looks throughout her pregnancy. I know there were about 2-3 brands for jeans she mentioned she loved. Hope that helps!

  10. I’m 25 weeks and just found my new favorite jeans. I’ve had several brands of maternity jeans (7 for all man kind, Citizens of Humanity, etc.) and loved them but I’ve been really impressed by these inexpensive jeans..

    Wendy Bellissimo No Belly Cross Hatch Denim Zipper Detail Slim Leg – BLACK @

    I liked them so much that I bought several other pairs from her line. Super comfy!
    Hope you find something that works! The maternity denim hunt can be daunting ;)


  11. Hi Rach! When I was pregnant I was always able to wear my regular jeans for a long time too before they just got to be so uncomfortable. The bad thing about a lot of maternity jeans is that I felt like I was constantly pulling them up. I found that sizing up and going with a jegging was perfect for me. I could still wear them low like I did with jeans but the stretch in the waist was so much more comfortable. Hope this helps a bit-you are stunning and the wonderful thing about being pregnant is that’s it’s only temporary!

  12. Love those hues….helps me think of spring, but still feels like winter! Beautiful!

    Also, for jeans some of my faves were Loved by Heidi Klum. The have a tiny hand, and always fit me the best.

  13. You look so gorgeous in that blush pink. Love the lip color, too. I am in love with those flats!!! The studs give a nice contrast to such a feminine color! I hope you are able to wear those jeans as boyfriend jeans after you are pregnant because the wash is perfect. Another lovely look!!

  14. MakeupbytiffanyD on youttube has a series of pregnancy vlogs and clothes she purchased while pregnant. She mentions different jeans throughout them (they are really cute & dont look like maternity jeans)
    Definitely check them out! ;)

  15. The maternity rail jeans and maternity skinny jeans from J Brand are the most flattering maternity jeans ever. SO comfortable and classic – the best They have them on shopbop and you order your pre-pregnancy size.

  16. Have you tried the J.Crew Maternity jeans? They came out with them after I had my second child (of course), but I love the brand and would try them in the future if necessary. Love your blog!!

  17. Oh and I wanted to add that I actually never wore maternity jeans at all! I just wore my jeans with stretchy waists. I also used a hair tie for my jeans buttons so that I could keep it together, but it would still stretch. I was fairly small my whole pregnancy, so I am sure this wouldn’t work for anyone, but it did for me :)

  18. This is one of my all-time favorite lip colors; it’s so flattering with the dark hair and eyes. Beautiful in the blushing pink! You’re really making pregnancy look pretty!

  19. Paige maternity, also purchaesd citziens all black jeans maternity and j crew maternity black pants too….the jcrew maternity black pants were great for post baby! Good luck!

  20. Rach! I had the same problem with Maternity Jeans go try H&M Mama Jeans!!! I am in love!! I have the skinny Gray ones and the Skinny Dark Blue ones!! Go buy them now!!!!!!!


    I am 14 weeks pregnant and added Maternity Fashion on my blog! Check it out!

  21. I am 32 weeks along into my first pregnancy so I know what you’re going through. My favorite jeans that I have found so far is a brand called Blooming Marvellous. The only problem is that my sister in law bought them for me when we were in Scotland. You might be able to do a search for them and find them somewhere state side or order them from the UK I’m not sure. I got them in a grey skinny jean. They are so comfortable and they actually stay up when you are moving around so I love them. Another thing that has really worked for me is maternity tank tops. They allow me to still wear some of my other tops (sweaters, button downs, and knit tops) while adding the length I need to keep covered. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  22. You look amazing!! Those jeans are perfect on you.
    I needed to get maternity jeans early since my bump was pretty low early on and wearing my jeans became too uncomfortable.

    I was so worried about finding great jeans and was thankful when I found AG maternity denim, J Brand and Genetic denim. They look just like non-maternity jeans and are super comfortable. I have been living in them for the past few months and were a great investment.

    Good luck with your search.
    You look so amazing pregnant!!